Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Just For Fun

A fun tag!
I got this from my friend Emily's blog. I thought it looked fun.

i am: Happy
i think: I have a cute family
i know: who I am and that I am loved
i want: to paint my dinning room
i have: beautiful children
i wish: I could go for a pedi and massage
i hate: my flabby stomach
i miss: Rod when he is gone for work
i fear: not sure
i feel: good
i hear: the kids watching Bob the Builder
i smell: lilac from our yard
i crave: sweets
i search: for a quiet place to read
i wonder: what life will be like with teenagers
i regret: not getting my degree when I was younger
i love: my husband, my kids, reading a good book, being with friends, being a mom, blogging, and learning new things
i care: my family and friends
i always: want to be better
i am not: as patient as a should be today
i believe: in the power of attitude
i dance: only for my kids and husband
i sing: all they time at home or in the car
i don’t always: play with my children and I need to be better about that
i fight: with myself trying to get this weight off
i write: my to do list every day
i win: some times
i lose: Nothing lately
i never: drink soda
i listen: to all music
i can usually be found: at home
i am scared: not sure
i need: to spend more time in my scriptures
i am happy about:
my kids being out of school for the summer

I won't tag anyone because sometimes you just don't have time, but if anyone wants to do this, it is really fun!

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