Saturday, May 8, 2010


We all love Jamba here in our house and so the other day I decided to try to make one. It turned out GREAT! The kids thought it was funny to have mustaches from drinking the shake and so here is what the picture turned out. LO!!

Easter/General Conference Weekend

The kids and I had a lot of fun coloring eggs and listening to General Conference. It is probably the first time since they were born that I have exactly been able to listen to Conference. It was really nice.
The Easter Bunny left them each a nice Sunday outfit and a nice Summer outfit. They were so excited and had to try them both on SEVERAL times, LOL!

The Rain Forest

The kids had to give an Oral Presentation for 2nd Grade on animals in the Rain Forest. They each had a different animal and it was fun to hear them talk about their animal. They memorized every thing they had to say and did a great job telling all the parents about their animals.