Monday, April 4, 2011


I took these pictures in February as my before pictures. I am trying to get into better shape before I head up to my 25th High School Reunion in June. I will be taking in the middle pictures soon and then I will take my after pictures. I hope there is a difference.


On one of the Monday's that the kids got out early, I surprised them and picked them up from school and took them sledding. We had so much fun and the nice thing is we were the only ones on the hill. It was so cold, but we bundled up and stayed for about an hour. Afterwards, we came home and had Hot Cocoa and cookies.


Paeton decided for Halloween that she want to be a "Haunted Pop Star". I think we pulled it off pretty good. People could not believe how much hair she had. We made a half mohawk and teased the tar out of it. It was a mess trying to get a brush or comb through it after trick-o-treaty.

Tie-Dye Fun

I was brave enough to give this a try with the kids. We had a lot of fun making the shirts and trying to guess how they might turn out.