Friday, April 16, 2010

Out With The Old and In With The New

Back in November I promised Paeton I would grow my hair out until their birthday in February. So I held up to my end of the bargin, it just about drove me crazy but I did it. Well it was a month after their birthday and I finally got my hair cut. I was trying to find a picture of a cut that I really liked because I was not sure how I wanted it and if I wanted to continue to grow it out, but I found this fabulous cut and could not resist. I LOVE IT!!! Granted it has been a month since I had it cut and I am in the need of another cut. Last night Paeton said I should grow it out until her recital in June, ummmm...... NO!! I will be keeping this one for a while and when I get bored I will grow it out until I find the next cut I like, LOL!!


Leland was in the shower and decided to find out how my razor worked. You can't really tell on the picture of his head, but he was trying to shave it. He decided to try touching it with his thumb and took a huge chunk out. I had to take him to Urgent Care and the doctor used 5 Silver Nitrate sticks to burn it shut. Leland was so funny though. As we were in the Trauma Room at Urgent Care, Leland says "I always wanted to know what this room was for and what it looked like inside.". The Nurse replies "Are you glad you found out tonight?". Leland's response was "Yes, but I don't want to have to come here again.". Good answer for mom to hear!
When we got home Nolan was so upset because his buddy got hurt. Nolan had 50 million questions for Leland. Grandma asked "Leland, What did you learn?". Leland said "Not to do that again!". So now all three of the kids know not to touch mom's razor.

Fairytale Ball

At school for a project the kids learned about Fairytales. So after learning about Fairytales and how they are written and so forth, the WHOLE 2nd grade had a Fairytale Ball. The kids could dress up and the gym was decorated like a Castle and they learned the Waltz and a few other dances and showed the parents. Also, The kids were able to dance with their parents. It was so much fun!!