Monday, August 16, 2010

Zoo Time

When Jenn and her family come up we try to take them to the Zoo. It is nothing grand as for as a Zoo goes, but it is better than the one in Vegas. We had fun that day. After the Zoo we went to the park next to it and played and than sadly had to tell them goodbye. They headed back to Vegas that afternoon. It was great having them come visit, but it is always SAD when they leave.

Sugar Cookies

We had fun making sugar cookies with our friends from Vegas. Leland and Paeton decided to get into the action of a flour fight. I would say Leland won! The cookies turned out great.


Bees!!! 100,000 of them! It happened on a Tuesday afternoon. My friend Jenn and her 3 kids were up visiting from Vegas. The kids were outside playing and having fun. We had just finished lunch and cleaned up. Jenn went outside and I was on my way when all the kids and Jenn came RUNNING, SCREAMING and CRYING into the house. I asked what was wrong and she said that our house was being swarmed by bees. I laughed and thought well it probably is not a big deal and was just a few bees flying by. So Kasey and I went outside and looked up at the roof and say the biggest black cloud over the house. It was ALL BEES!!!! I ran next door to get a phonebook and started making calls. I got ahold of a Bee man and he came that day and said that he would get them out for us.
When he first took a look he thought there was about 30,000 bees. Which is a lot. Well he came back the next day and said "I think there is about 60,000.". Okay, Well as long as you get them all I will be happy. By the last day he said that there were 100,000 and that it was a good thing I called him when I did because there were 2 hives that converged into our Chimney and that there were SEVERAL virgin queens along with the two main queens. GREAT!! Well he got them all out and fixed the chimney.
He was really nice and let the boys put on his bee suit and go up on the roof with him to check out all the bees. The boys that it was GREAT!!
Glad the bees are all gone!

4th of July

The 4th was so cold this year. I think the high was only 65. We were bundled up and waited for the Parade to start. It was fun in some spots, but the overall judegment of the Parade was lame. We were really disappointed. The Parade had only been going for about 30 minutes when the kids asked to leave and go home. The best part was when the Veterns brought the Flag down the road. I cry every year. It makes be Proud to be an American.
Afterwards we came home and cooked hamburgers and ate outside on the deck. I made the Top Hat cake and it was really yummy!
Overall it was a great day to spend with family and friends.

Our Garden

This was when everything first started growing. I need to take a updated picture. The Sunflowers are huge and beautiful like the rest of the garden. We have many things out there like herbs, potatoes, zuchini's, tomatoes, carrots, peas, green beans, squash, pumkins, soy beans, cabbage, brussel sprouts, beets, 3 different kinds of onions, corn, flowers and a few more things. It looks beautiful and it has been fun to watch everything grow.

S'More Please

One night for Family Home Evening the kids and I decided to cook some S'mores. It was fun, messy and YUMMY! The only part that was missing was the smell of Campfire and the great outdoors.

Peach Jam

I made Peach Jam for the first time about a month ago and have enjoyed eating it. It was my first try at making it and I was surprised how easy it is to make. I got a case of Peaches from and went to town making jam. I love it!