Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Family Reunion

We had a Steiner Family Reunion in July. Rod's brother and his family from Alaska came down (they are all wearing navy blue) , his brother from Montana and his family came down (they are all wearing white) and Rod's sister who lives down the street from us and her family (in the blue and pink) and of course there is our family (in red, white and blue). It was fun to have all the cousins together for the first time. We missed Rod's parents who are serving a Mission and will be gone for 18 months. It is the first family picture for us since we have been married and I think it turned out pretty good.

Splashin' with Friends

The kids two days in a row were having fun splashing around in the water with friends. They played in our backyard with the neighbor kids and the next day we went to the water park in town and they got to play with their cousins from Montana. They had so much fun and wanted to splash everyday. My little fishes!!

On my walk one morning

I go for a walk every morning and decided to take the camera with me. You get to see the sunrise here and you can see the Grand Tetons poking up over the mountain range in front of them. Also, just a couple pictures of our house.

From our back deck

These are some pictures I took from the back deck of the house. I think you can see the garden pretty good. It is a lot bigger than it looks. The Barn is actually about a mile away and our camera did a nice job zooming in on it. Hope you enjoy.

Fourth of July 2007

We went to the Fourth of July Parade and had a great time there. Well, Towards the end of the Parade we did. Nolan was completely coming unglued about all the balloons that were at the Parade. Plus it was a little windy that day which made him upset even more. I don't understand his "annoyance" (lack of a better word) of the wind and things blowing in the wind. We did enjoy watching and the kids, especially Leland, had every pocket STUFFED with candy. They had a hay day collecting candy and waving at everyone that went by.

Pictures of us driving up to Idaho

We had just a fun time in the car. The kids were so good on the drive up to Idaho. It was also nice to have the DVD player with headphones. It was two days worth of driving, which most people can do in a day. We stayed a head of Rod at times and other times he was ahead of us because of all the stops we had to make for bathroom breaks, LOL!

It was hard for me to take pictures and drive at the same time, so you only get to see two pictures. The other did not turn out as nice.

Friday, August 3, 2007

A lot going on!!!

Sorry, I have not posted much in the last few months. We ended up moving back to Rexburg, Idaho in June. Rod's Consulting business has taken off once again and he is gone about 2 weeks out of the month. Also, I started selling The Body Shop at Home, just for something fun for me to do. I have enjoyed it so far.

We had a Steiner Family Reunion the first part of July with all of Rod's siblings. His parents are on a Mission and were sad they were unable to be here with all of us. It was fun seeing all the nieces and nephews and the kids had fun playing with all their cousins. We had some family pictures taken and I will try to post one soon.

The kids start school on the 22nd and are SO EXCITED!!! It is hard to believe they are old enough to go to school. They are only going half day to kindergarten and that is just fine, I am not ready to give them up all day yet and not looking forward to next year when they are in first grade.

I appreciate you being patient with me on my non-posting and promise to catch up real soon.

Thanks for being so patient with me!!!