Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Christmas Give-a-way

Go to this link and check out the Give away that could be your's! (If I do not get it first haha)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fun at the Fort Worth Zoo

Alexis and Nolan
Love this photo and had it turned into a black and white photo.

Nolan and I on the train at the Zoo.

The Lion and his female were separated from each other and he would ROAR really loud for her. It was an eerie sound and I would not want to be in the jungle hearing his roar.

The Tiger's were beautiful to watch.

The Snow Tiger was fun because if you put your hands on the glass it would come up and play with you.

This Hippo was rescued from Poachers. But the Poachers got his horn before he was rescued.

There were 5 Giraffe's at the Zoo. They are so beautiful to look at and amazing to watch as they ate the grass.

The Pink Elephant is the size of a real Elephant and the kids look like ants compared to it.

Pink Flamingo's


Just like off of Lion King

The Turtles were in all the pounds at the Zoo.

The Meercats were funny to watch. They were sunny in the sun and would turn and look at us.

This guy was fun to watch. He had this sack and went over the waterfall and covered up his face and would pull the sack off his face to see if any one ws watching and if we were he would cover his face up again. Nolan got a great laugh from watching him.

We had a lot of fun this day at the Zoo with our friends the Ritchie's. Nolan bought Leland, Paeton and himself a Monkey to remember the day we went to the Zoo.

Halloween Fun

Leland as Iron Man
Nolan as G.I. Joe

Paeton as a Beautiful Witch

Leland's Pumpkin

Paeton's Pumpkin

Nolan's Pumpkin
We had fun carving these pumpkins and putting on Costumes more than once for Halloween. I love seeing the excitement in the kids eyes! Holidays are such fun!