Friday, May 11, 2007

Graduation Day

Well, My babies are not babies any more. They have officially graduated from Preschool and start Kindergarten this fall. HOW SAD!!!! Their graduation was so fun to watch. They sung song about ABC & 123's. They also sung about Shapes, Days of the Week and about going on a Bear Hunt. They all did such a great job. I was really impressed that the Rec Center where their Preschool was at, went into such depth and detail to make sure it was fun and festival for all.


We went to a Carnival for a friends daughter. The kids had so much fun playing games and taking their tickets up for prizes. They also thought it was COOL to have their faces painted. We had a blast!!

Super Hero's

The kids were pretending to be Super Hero's the other day. It was fun listening to them. Leland, as you can tell, was Superman. Nolan was the Magic Robotman and Paeton was the Horse Fairy. They played for HOURS!!! It was fun to have a break. It is amazing what they can think up.

Red Lips

Nolan had just finished eating a red Popsicle and than fell asleep on Rod. When Nolan woke up he had red drool all over Rod's white t-shirt. We called him "red lips" for a while.

Bubble Bath

Nolan was taking a bath and called me into the bathroom. I went in to see what he needed and found him looking like the "Bubble Man"!! He thought it was pretty funny.