Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Nature Park Day 2

We had so much fun at the Park that the next day we decided to go back and ride for a little while and than go on the skater park again. Well it last for about 20 minutes when Paeton crashed. She went up a skateboard on wall and her bike slipped out from under her and she faced planted and slid down. She got up and her mouth was bleeding and I thought for sure she broke or popped out her 2 front teeth. But after looking at her mouth, her lip was bleeding from her two front teeth cutting it and she had some serious scraps on her elbows and on knee. She took it pretty good and only cried for a little but was embarrassed because there were two boys there that saw what happened and they kept riding by to make sure Paeton was okay. So she went to the car for about 3 minutes and came back and got right back on her bike and rode.

Nature Park

One day while the sky was gray with thick marshmellow like clouds and a little sprinkling of rain we decided to go the Nature Park with my friend Ms. Terrie to go on a bike ride. We had so much fun riding around the park and there was NO one there to worry about running over. There is a skaters park and so the kids kept asking to ride their bikes on it and they did awesome. They tried several things and we were there for about and hour and that does not include the time we spent riding around the park.

One Foot

Paeton had been asking for months to get her haircut, but I kept telling her that she had to wait for her Ballet Recital to be over so that I could put her hair up in a bun for it. So the next day she went next door and Erin cut 1 foot off. Paeton looks so cute with her new haircut and loves it. She is growing it back out over the summer for Ballet and next year at this time she will probably get it cut off again, LOL!

Ballet Recital

Paeton's Ballet Recital was based off the Ballet of Snow White. It comes from Spain, which is rare for a Ballet to come from. It was beautiful even though my pictures are a little on the blury side. Every time I went to take a picture one of the boys would hit my arm to ask me a question. Paeton looked beautiful and did a wonderful job along with all the other girls. She is looking forward to the break over the Summer but excited for the Fall when it starts up again.

My Birthday

My birthday was fun. I made my own cake, which by the way was to DIE for! It turned out so YUMMY!!! I even picked out my own birthday gift. We had friends over for lunch and for all the kids to play together for a while. I made yummy hamburgers and ate like a Queen.

Feeding Calves

Aunt Carol and Uncle Dave who live a few houses down have baby calves who need to be feed each night. So we took the kids to help one night and the kids were in heaven. They had so much feeding them that we have gone several times to help. We need to go again soon so the kids can see how big the calves have gotten lately. Of course, I was the only one walking through the poop and straw in sandals, LOL!! Nothing a little soap and water won't clean off.


Paintings the kids made at school for art. I love them and I am trying to find frames for them so I can hang them up. They are more beautiful in person and the colors are great.

Take me out to the Ball Field

The boys played baseball (coach pitch) for the first time this Spring. They LOVED it!! They want to play next year also. Leland has a great arm on him and he hopes with a lot of practice he will be able to pitch next season. Nolan is great at catching and his favorite position is catcher. He is hoping that he will be able to play that position next season. This season is over and the boys are sad, but looking forward to next year. The weather here for baseball has not been very good so they ended up missing a few games and were hoping that the association would have make up games, but no such luck. Oh well!! It was great to watch their team and the race they do at the end is fun to watch and see how each boy runs so differently.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Mother's Day

The kids picked flowers from the front of the house and made these beautiful cards at school. I cry every time I read them. I love them so much and it is amazing the things that they love about me. I love being their mom and feel so blessed.
Each of their cards had their picture on it like Paeton's.

As a little girl

This is my older brother Allen and myself. Not sure how old I am but this picture reminds me of Nolan.
I was so stickn' shy and if you don't know me well enough you would not know that I am still EXTREMELY shy.

One of my favorite pictures.

I was 2 1/2 years old in this picture. So funny to look back at these pictures. Sad thing is I don't remember any of these or what we were doing at the time. No childhood memories.

This is myself and my older brother again with my mom in the background.

My Babies

These three WONDERFUL babies are so big now! It has been a fast 8 years and I hope that the next 8 are not as fast. I love them dearly and are so grateful that I am a part of their lives. I don't go a day with out telling them I love them and that I love being their mom.