Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ballet Recital

I finally was able to get Paeton into Ballet. She LOVED it. She had her recital a few weeks ago and did such a great job along with the other girls in her class. She is sad that she does not have lessons over the summer and is really excited to start up again. She was also so happy to have two friends in her class and I know that made a difference also. She was so nervous the night of her recital that she told me that if she stood still her legs would start to shake so she had to keep moving. She looked so beautiful that night also. What a doll and I am glad to call her my daughter.


Anonymous said...

Paeton you looks so beautiful! Reese was really nervous at her first performance too. I am sure you did wonderful, keep dancing! Natasha

Dacia said...

Happy late Birthday! Love the picture of the flowers, they are my favorite kind.

These pictures of your daughter in ballet are so cute!

Hope you all enjoyed the circus. My kids had a great time and they especially loved the elephants. It was fun to see you there!


She is such a beautiful girl! And she looks so grown-up with makeup on.