Wednesday, September 26, 2007


It was suppose to get down to freezing last night and so we decided to go get our pumpkins out of the garden. We had a few little ones and three hugh ones. They were a lot bigger than we thought and the kids had a great time and were laughing like crazy about having pumpkins in the garden. We could barley fit the three big onesi n the wheelbarrow.

Zoo Time!!

The kids had their first field trip for school on Tuesday. They got to ride the bus for 30 minutes and got to go to the Zoo. We had so much fun going around and seeing all the animals. There were the love birds (they are not really lovebirds, they were just snuggled up with each other), the LION, the Lioness and her cub. The Monkey's were FUNNY and making all kinds of noise. The Zoo Keeper who was leading the tour had all the people that were blond and wearing a lite colored shirt stand next to the window and the female Monkey's went crazy. He said the reason was because they (the Monkey's) were protecting there territory and so no other female monkey could steal their man, pretty funny. We got to see the Pink Flamingo's, penguins and Kangroo's. Zebra's and many more animals. We were there for a few hours and than the kids rode the bus back home and we meet them there. They had a lot of fun and I am glad so many of the pictures turned out.

Sunday after Church

Sunday night after dinner Rod decided to take a nap. He THOUGHT he would be taking one by himself. But the boys had other plans. They cuddled right up with dad and were pretending to take a nap with him. After they crawled out of the blankets the kids decided it was time for funny faces. We had fun, but I don't think Rod like the giggles as much. The kids finally decided to give me a smile, well expect for Nolan who said he was smiling, LOL!! They are growing up WAY to fast.

Leland playing around

Leland decided to put his Superman costume on under his shirt because he wanted to be like Clark Kent. It was pretty funny, but NOTHING beats him dressing up in Paeton's Cinderalla costume with Fairy wings. We were rolling on the floor laughing. Rod was gone so we HAD to have a picture to show dad. He (Leland) is a silly little man!!!

Cheer Camp

Paeton was able to attend a Cheerleading Camp held by the Cheerleaders for the High School. She had SO MUCH fun and she was able to cheer at a home football game during half-time. The girls did two cheers and a dance to a song off of High School Musical 2. It was sticken cute and she enjoyed it a lot. Watch out a future Cheerleader in the house!! It was the first time the kids had been to a football game and they loved watching the players and the band. The boys were so funny when Paeton was out on the field and they were up in the stands. The boys were waving like crazy and Paeton was waving just ascrazy back at them. Then all three of them would just start laughing. That special bond they have is amazing and what great supports they are to each other.

Paeton's Hair

Paeton came running one morning so PROUD that she had fixed her own hair. She did a great job and wore it like this all day. She had to have a picture so she could show Daddy when he got home and to show Grandma and Grandpa how big she is getting.

One Sunday I had just finished getting the kids ready for Church and Paeton walked up to Nolan and bowed and said "Would you like this dance?". Nolan in return put out his hand and said "Yes!" and they put their hands right where they should have and started do a Waltz. Can you say "PRICELESS!!!! Leland stood there for about a minute or two and went up and tapped Nolan on the shoulder and said "May I?". Nolan moved and than Paeton and Leland started dancing. It was amazing to watch and they were having a BLAST!!!! I have to say, I did not teach how to do any of this and I am thankful for Princess movies and that the boys like to watch them with Paeton. They are TOO CUTE!!!!

First day of School

The kids were so excited to go to school. It made me really sad. I was going to take them, but Nolan started crying because he wanted to ride the bus so bad. So the big softy that I am let them ride the bus. I got in the car and followed them to the school and I was doing really good until their Teacher had them line up and blow their mom's a kiss and say, "Don't worry Mom we will be okay today, love you!". I COMPLETELY lost it and turned into a water faucet. I cried all afternoon. I was so happy to see them when they got home from school. They had a great day and LOVE their Teacher.