Thursday, May 22, 2008

Gift for Grandma

We made these for Grandma for Mother's Day. I wanted to wait to post these until she received them. She loved them just like the kids love her. I got the idea from my friends in Vegas and really appreciate them. Thanks for sharing.


These are so cool. My Sister-n-law told us about these beads. Wal*Mart has them in their craft area. You make any design you want and than take the paper that comes with the beads and you iron the beads together so your design stays together. There are glow in the dark beads and many different colors. They are so much fun and will help with coordination and learning colors and patience for little ones to sit there and work on their design.

Mother's Day

Saturday night Rod and I went out on a date and had one of our favorite sitters come watch the kids for us. She is awesome and always has something fun for the kids to do while we are gone. Well for Mother's Day she helped the kids make soap for me and cards. The soap in the picture our the ones Nolan made for me. Leland and Paeton made blue and red soap for me. The cards were great!! I love the kids so much and am grateful to be their mom. Thanks for the wonderful gift that you are to me and your dad.


The kids were so excited that they could build a tower out of blocks taller than them without my help. It was fun to see them trying. It took them a while to build, but were so happy for their accomplishment.

Signs of Spring

Spring has come and hope it stays for a little while. It has been a VERY LONG winter and I am grateful for all the snow, but I am also grateful it is gone and we have grass and the kids can go out and play in the yard without having to get them dressed into their winter clothes. I have a few other pictures to add, but I have to down load them later.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Two Names You Go By:
Rolyndia or Roy

Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now:
Jeans and a Red Shirt

Two Of Your Favorite Things To Do:
Read (doesn't happen often enough)Sit and do nothing for a moment

Two Things You Want To Do Very Badly At This Moment:
Go to sleep
Play with the kids outside in NICE weather

Two Favorite Pets:
Orvis and Harley (who we no longer have)

Two People Who Will Fill This Out:
I really don't know

Two Things You Did Last Night:
Worked on a blanket that I am crocheting for Leland
Watched NCIS

Two Things You Ate Today:
Fiber Bar

Two Last People You Talked To:
The kids

Two Longest Car Rides:
Idaho to Vegas
Idaho to Montana

Two Favorite Holidays:
Christmas and Thanksgiving
I like when the kids have their birthday

Two Favorite Vacations:
Well we have only been on one and that was to Alaska and it was a blast

Two Favorite Drinks:

I tag Jen H. and Emily