Saturday, October 11, 2008


In desperate need of sleep. It has been a rough two days and I have heard the third is the worse of them all. They are both in need of some sleep also and their poor little throats are just killing them. They did sleep a little better last night, but we were up every 4-5 hours for Popsicles, water and medicine to help with the pain. I am going to make a few phone calls to find some humidifiers and see if that will help them. I don't think I am making any sense today, oh well. I don't think I have been this sleep deprived since the kids were born and came home from the hospital.


Adam, Sarah, Kevin, Aaron and Baby 3 said...

Yes I do. Would you like to borrow it for the kids? I can probably bring it by today if you like.

Adam, Sarah, Kevin, Aaron and Baby 3 said...

Hey! My phone number is 359.5352, strange that it wasn't on the ward list, I need to get the new ward list, you aren't on ours either now that I look at ours. So go ahead and give me your address. We will bring it by soon.