Sunday, October 12, 2008

Forgot to Mention

A funny story that happened the morning Nolan and Paeton had their tonsils taken out.

Rod was home with Leland (if you know Leland, you will see where this story is going). Rod was getting ready to take Leland to a friends house to play for the day and getting ready for work (he is driving a truck for potato harvest). Rod decided to put his lunch box and cooler in his truck that was out in the garage. No big deal, but he was in his underwear and Leland decided to go out into the garage with him. Rod is ALWAYS telling the kids if they go out to shut the door or if they come inside to make sure the door was shut. Well, Leland following instruction did just as he has been told MANY times to do, he shut the door when he came out into the garage.

Needless to say Rod and Leland were locked out of the house. So Rod calls me at the hospital and tells me that I HAVE TO GET HOME RIGHT AWAY!!! I am thinking something SERIOUS has happened and than proceed to tell him that I can't leave with the kids being operated on and that a parent/adult has to be there at all times. He finally tells me what happened. I asked what phone he was using because his was locked in the house. He had Leland run next door and brought the neighbor back with him who was dying with laughter.

I told Rod I would make a phone call and call him back. So I called my friend who was taking Leland for the day and she came up to the hospital and got the key to bring it back to Rod. I called Rod back and he flipped and felt like he needed to remind me that he only had his underwear on. I told him to just sit in the truck and when she got there she was going to knock and to let Leland get the key from her and give it back to her once the door was opened. He was dying. When I got off the phone with Rod, he had the neighbor bring him some clothes to put on until he could get into the house.

Now it would not have been such a emergency, but this happened at 8:40a and Rod was to be at work at 9:00a. Thank goodness the hospital is only a few minutes away.

I was laughing so hard!!!! I asked Leland if he felt like he did something wrong and he said "No, Because Dad is always telling us to shut the door and so I made sure I did." Gotta love when the kids listen to you.

Lesson to learn: Make sure door is unlocked before you shut it or tell the person who is shutting the door to make sure the door is unlocked.

Biggest Lesson to learn: DO NOT GO OUTSIDE IN YOUR UNDERWEAR!!! LOL!!!


Dacia said...

What a funny story! I had a friend do the same thing once and she found a towel in her car to wrap herself in and had to go to the neighbor's house to use the phone. At least your husband had someone with him. Imagine if he had to go to the neighbors himself :)

wrightfamily said...

That is so hillarious! I bet he was sooo embarrased! I hope you are getting more sleep now.

carroll family said...

I haven't laughed that hard in a long time!! I had to share it with Keldon too! I hope that your children are recovering from their surgery :)

Kevin Camp said...

SO funny. That is definitely one to share with the grandchildren:) Poor Rod.

Alynda said...

Oh what a great story. What if he was the only one home? Would be reading a story in the newspaper about a man running down the street in his underwear? So funny!!!

Katie said...

Oh that is so funny!!