Sunday, July 6, 2008


I have come to realize how much I miss my printer that I could just download my pictures onto so easily. I don't have it hooked up and now I have to wait for my camera to get loaded with pictures before I take it to Wal*Mart to have the pictures put on a CD. UUGGHH!! I was looking at the pictures on the camera with the kids earlier tonight and realized I have A LOT of catching up too day and hopefully soon.


Katie said...

I love digital- but I have not printed out pictures in years. Once I do finally try to get caught up, I will have alot of pictures to print. That's why I never do it.

Rolyndia said...

I know what you mean. I usually download and than put them on my computer and than I do a backup cd. That way I can print what I want when I want and if my computer dies (which has happened twice), I still have all my pictures.

I have not printed too many myself in a long time either. I too love my digital camera.

Conner Posse said...

I hear you - digital is wonderful but I rarely get around to ordering my photos via Costco. I do like being able to upload and order on-line and just pick them up at my next Costco visit, though.

I am years behind in any kind of scrapbooking - and I take tons of pictures almost every single day. That's a lot of catch up!! :o)

Kevin Camp said...

I haven't printed pictures in about a year. That is going to cost a pretty penny when I get around to it. A few more hours in the day would be helpful sometimes huh.