Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Sweet Nolan

Nolan is such a thinker. The other day he says "Mom, I don't want to go on a Misson." I asked why and his response was "I can't read The Bookof Mormon." I told him not too worry when he got big enough to go on a mission, he would be able to read The Book of Mormon.

A few days later, he tells me once again "Mom, I don't want to go on a Mission." I ask him again why and he said "I don't want to spend all my money in my bunny bank." I told him that he would not spend it all and that when he got back from his mission he would have money left over. His response was "COOL!!"


Anonymous said...

That is so cute:)

Kevin Camp said...

I love it when their little wheels start turning. Kevin said to his mom, "I don't want to go on a mission because I don't want to spend the night." So funny.