Saturday, July 26, 2008

Excitement for School,,

I went to Wal*Mart today and while I was there I noticed backpacks. It was a lot easier to buy them with out the kids with me. They are so excited for 1st grade to start. They are set with their new backpacks and their new lunch boxes. They think it is "So cool" that they get to take a lunch to school and eat it their.

The kids told me "That you are the best mommy ever because you bought us new backpacks"!! Love that they are so easy to please with the simplest things.

Nolan's backpack is the one in the picture. Lelands is black with a little white and Paeton's is chocolate brown with pink flowers (super cute).


Anonymous said...

How exciting! I love this age, they love the simple pleasures of life:)

Kevin Camp said...

School supplies. A right of passage that always got me excited about going back to school, until the end of the first day and I was back to counting down until summer. How is being back in your home?