Monday, November 10, 2008


Life has been so crazy around here lately and I am so far behind in posting. I finally got my camera downloaded onto a CD and now I have to catch up on all my post. I have pictures from the end of summer if that tells you how far behind I am. I wish I had my other printer that I could just download straight to my computer. I really don't like to wait so long to get a CD made. I have over 300 pictures to sort through and post about. WOW!!

Hope you are all having a Marvelous Monday!! We have been hit with a lot of rain these last two weeks and I can't believe how wet it is outside. I have been going for walks when the kids get on the bus and it has not been to bad coldness wise and today it was raining fairly good by the time I got back home. But it feels great to be out and enjoying the outdoors.

Have a great day and hope to have some pictures posted tonight.

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