Friday, January 11, 2008

Playing in the Snow

My friend Jennifer and her little girl came up over the weekend from Las Vegas and it was COLD. We bundled everyone up and went out side for about 20 minutes and when we came up from the backyard to go into the house, we had been looked out. I had left the screen shut, but the door open going from outside into the garage and the same from the garage into the house. My Brother in law had stopped by and locked and shut the doors behind him thinking we were gone. I could not get ahold of Rod because he was out hunting and I did not have my keys or my cellphone. I ran about 2 blocks down to my BIL's house and he just happened to be leaving in his car and caught him before he pulled out of the drive way. It was SO COLD and the wind was BLOWING about 25mph. We finally found a key and we were able to get back into the house and have some much needed hot chocolate. We had fun that day and it was great to see Jenn and her sweet little Zella. Thanks for coming and visiting us.


Hoffmans said...

Oh, I got the chills just reading about your experience. Believe me, I know cold. Next week is supposed to be a high of 0. Yeah!!!


Oh, I am cold just reading about how cold you guys were! I'm glad you were able to get back into your house and have a fun time in the snow with the kiddo's!