Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Yep!! It really is that cold here and because it is that cold there is no School today. The kids are excited that they get to stay home one more day and hang out with mom. We are going to have some fun today and I am looking for some fun projects or crafts we can do. I will have to do some searching and see what we come up with. Anyone have some ideas they would like to pass a long, feel free.

Have a happy Tuesday!!


The Hale Family said...

I am freezing!

Morgan said...

Hey so I don't have any craft ideas for you but...what is your email address?

Rolyndia said...
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Brrrr! I don't miss the cold Rexburg weather, that's for sure! I miss everything (and everyone!) else, but not the cold, frigid weather. Sorry - I don't have any craft ideas for you, either...I wish I were more crafty! Sending warm weather wishes your way!

Patterson's said...

Yes, I do remember you. Thanks for dropping me a comment and saying hi.I've been getting in touch with quite a few Rexburg people since I've started blogging and I think thats so awesome. I've been enjoying reading your blog.
I can't believe how cold it is there, holy cow!