Friday, January 2, 2009

Catching up

Rod got me on a computer but I can't look at any one's blog sites. So if you have my email address and your blog is private could you please email me so I can catch up on you and your family. Thanks.

I am hoping to get some pictures up in the next week or two of all the fun we have been having around here.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and looking forward to "seeing" you soon.


JAMIE'S CREW said...

Hi Rolyndia,
I had seen you around my blog a few times this week, so I expected you were about to update yours! Glad you got a computer!
Happy New Year!

Nikki said...

I am glad you got a computer again. Life is hard without one that is for sure. My blog is not private so you should be ok.

wrightfamily said...

Do you need another invite to mine? Let me know. Glad to see your back!

Rolyndia said...

Emily, I do need another invite. For some reason it won't let me since I changed computers.

Kevin Camp said...

So glad you got a new computer. We've missed you:)