Saturday, December 6, 2008


Seriously, You can't live without one. Mine has died. I get Rod's hand me downs and they last for about a year and than I am out of luck. I hope my luck has changed and that Rod will be able to fix it for me. I can't get emails or add to our blog or leave comments on others.

If you could leave a comment, I can check your blogs from there when Rod has a minute to let me use his computer.

UUGGHH!!! I hope it is fixed SOON!!!


JAMIE'S CREW said...

Hi Rolyndia! Computers are definitely frustrating!! Hope you get a new one for Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Snata will bring you a new one or get yours fixed!

So frustrating, isn't it?

wrightfamily said...

I hate when I can't get online. I feel so shut out of the world. Happy Holidays!

Kami P. said...

DARN COMPUTERS!!! I've been so bad at checking blogs lately so I've missed a lot of your new posts. Congrats on being married 13 years. I loved your little story about the temple. I hated how it was taking over my life so I rebeled for a while.
And have I ever thanked you for putting a link tp my "minkee" site. I really really appreciate that.
Thake care and happy holidays

conner posse said...

hello! you wrote this a while back - is the problem fixed yet? ah, what a pain! i have a meltdown if my computer is even down for an hour. hmm...i think i might be a bit too dependent! by the you happen to have the richard's house number? i have their old address and they moved a couple houses down, right? please send me an e-mail, if you can!!