Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Zoo Time!!

The kids had their first field trip for school on Tuesday. They got to ride the bus for 30 minutes and got to go to the Zoo. We had so much fun going around and seeing all the animals. There were the love birds (they are not really lovebirds, they were just snuggled up with each other), the LION, the Lioness and her cub. The Monkey's were FUNNY and making all kinds of noise. The Zoo Keeper who was leading the tour had all the people that were blond and wearing a lite colored shirt stand next to the window and the female Monkey's went crazy. He said the reason was because they (the Monkey's) were protecting there territory and so no other female monkey could steal their man, pretty funny. We got to see the Pink Flamingo's, penguins and Kangroo's. Zebra's and many more animals. We were there for a few hours and than the kids rode the bus back home and we meet them there. They had a lot of fun and I am glad so many of the pictures turned out.

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