Wednesday, August 8, 2007

On my walk one morning

I go for a walk every morning and decided to take the camera with me. You get to see the sunrise here and you can see the Grand Tetons poking up over the mountain range in front of them. Also, just a couple pictures of our house.


jmjmellor said...

Heu Roy!! Wow amazing home. I was so happy to get your voice message. We have been busy too. As you probably know Jason turned 1 on July 29th. Wow a whole year just flew by. We just returned from california, we went to Magic Mountain, had a blast.
Joelle is also so excited about starting school on the 20th. Matt and I are struggling with it. =(
We do miss you guys but it looks like this was a great move for you and your family.
I hope to talk to you soon.
Your friend,

Venia said...

Ro, your backyard is massive! And, beautiful!!! I thought from the water play post that your backyard looked large, but I had no idea. The trips must have a field day running around and playing...your yard is bigger than the parks they were used to here in LV. LOL! -Venia