Friday, August 3, 2007

A lot going on!!!

Sorry, I have not posted much in the last few months. We ended up moving back to Rexburg, Idaho in June. Rod's Consulting business has taken off once again and he is gone about 2 weeks out of the month. Also, I started selling The Body Shop at Home, just for something fun for me to do. I have enjoyed it so far.

We had a Steiner Family Reunion the first part of July with all of Rod's siblings. His parents are on a Mission and were sad they were unable to be here with all of us. It was fun seeing all the nieces and nephews and the kids had fun playing with all their cousins. We had some family pictures taken and I will try to post one soon.

The kids start school on the 22nd and are SO EXCITED!!! It is hard to believe they are old enough to go to school. They are only going half day to kindergarten and that is just fine, I am not ready to give them up all day yet and not looking forward to next year when they are in first grade.

I appreciate you being patient with me on my non-posting and promise to catch up real soon.

Thanks for being so patient with me!!!

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The Belnap's said...

I can't believe how big they are. It's got to be quite an adjustment having all 3 of them gone to school. What are you doing with your time? Anything for you? or just trying to catch up? I'm so glad we found each other again. I will forward your info to Cliff.