Thursday, March 25, 2010


What a BEAUTIFUL day this was! The kids were excited and so happy. We had friends and family there that we wanted to share the special day with and some family who could not make it. They were missed!
Grandma and Grandpa spoke to the kids and told them that they were so proud of them and that Heavenly Father was also. Grandpa gave them a list of 12 things to remember about their Baptism and the kids have them hanging on their walls next to their beds.
We had Uncle Brad (a very dear friend) and Aunt Lynell who came all the way from Texas just for the kids Baptism. Uncle Brad was over in Iraq and so we postponed for on week so that they could be here. Brad and Lynell have always been in the kids lives and they love them dearly.
Our friend Joe Richards and Uncle Brad were the witnesses. Rod baptized Paeton first, followed by Nolan and than Leland. Uncle Kyle Kinghorn gave the opening prayer and Brother Smart, Primary Teacher, gave the closing prayer. Bishop Lee, Uncle Dave Fenton, Grandpa and Uncle Kyle stood in the cirlce while Rod confirmed each of the kids.
Afterwards, We had lunch and had fun talking to everyone. The kids all day kept saying "THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER!!".
I feel so blessed to have these 3 little ones in our home and love them dearly. I am grateful for their sweetness and the love they have for Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and the light that shines through them. They are great examples to me!

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busbyhive said...

Congratulations! I'm so proud of all of you for being baptized! You look like little angels!