Monday, January 18, 2010

No Longer Babies

OH MY! My babies are going to be 8 next month and will be baptized in March! I can't believe it has been 8 years already, where has the time gone. It has been such a blessing to have them as a part of our family.

The boys have decided that they want to have there own rooms. So on Saturday that is what happened. They helped clean out two of the downstair bedrooms and helped move their stuff from upstairs to their new rooms. I have to say I miss having them upstairs, but they are SO happy to have a room to themselves. Even though they are next door to each other, they miss sharing a room together. They asked if they could move back upstairs and I told them no. That these rooms were their until they went on their Missions. Nolan's comment was "Man, We should have stayed upstairs!". Silly guys! Tonight Leland asked if he could just lay with Nolan for a little while and read a book together and talk. Melted my heart! They have become such great friends to each other and it makes a Mama proud.

Paeton moved into the boys' old room and is LOVING the bigger room! Her little bed and dresser look so tiny in her bedroom now. I have decided that I am going to turn her old bedroom into my office/craft/whatever I want to call it room. I have some fun ideas for the space, but have to finish painting the upstairs and getting the kitchen cabinets done (stripping the paint off, sanding and varnishing them), wish me luck!


Nikki said...

Thank you for your sweet comment. You are a busy women. I agree the babies grow up way to fast. My baby will be 8 in a few months. Time flys. I want to see pictures of all these no moving around and decorating!

Nikki said...

oops new not no

Jess and Clay Fenton said...

Wow! Wish we could be there for their baptisms! We'll see you in April though when Quinn gets home. Tell everyone hi!

Tanja said...

I know it goes by so fast doesn't it?

Happy New Year to you and yours!

Natasha Jones said...

What day are they getting baptized?? Wow, time flies!