Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Two Names You Go By:
Rolyndia or Roy

Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now:
Jeans and a Red Shirt

Two Of Your Favorite Things To Do:
Read (doesn't happen often enough)Sit and do nothing for a moment

Two Things You Want To Do Very Badly At This Moment:
Go to sleep
Play with the kids outside in NICE weather

Two Favorite Pets:
Orvis and Harley (who we no longer have)

Two People Who Will Fill This Out:
I really don't know

Two Things You Did Last Night:
Worked on a blanket that I am crocheting for Leland
Watched NCIS

Two Things You Ate Today:
Fiber Bar

Two Last People You Talked To:
The kids

Two Longest Car Rides:
Idaho to Vegas
Idaho to Montana

Two Favorite Holidays:
Christmas and Thanksgiving
I like when the kids have their birthday

Two Favorite Vacations:
Well we have only been on one and that was to Alaska and it was a blast

Two Favorite Drinks:

I tag Jen H. and Emily

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